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Right color lipstick

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It’s too difficult to get the right color lipstick. Every woman knows it is not an easy task to find the right lipstick color that best matches her skin tone. This choice sometimes can take years. To avoid this you should know the following rules about the colors and shades:

If you have too pale skin, you can try with peach – colored lipstick. For special occasions, when you need to look perfect choose classic red lipstick. Avoid dark chocolate and burgundy because they contrast too strongly with your light skin. Cooler colors like mauve, silver and pink look better on your fairer skin.

You are really happy if you have dark skin, because all kinds of colors are appropriate for you. Orange and coral shades will give a fresh and youthful appearance. Do not forget to apply the gloss to your lips look totally kissable. Avoid milk or chalky colors and everything with a lot of white because the contrast with your darker skin is quite frightening.
For natural bronze tan is suitable coral lipstick. Do not buy purple and brown lipsticks – in the first case purple will make your face yellow and it looks swollen, and in the second case, the color of your lips and your face will be the same.
In the yellow tan of the skin is actually suitable the lipstick with color of raw meat. It may sound disgusting at first, but if you try you will not regret. Absolutely forget about purple.
For the pink – colored skin correct colors are peach, orange tones.


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  1. Lyn says:

    The lipstick tips came in handy. I ve always had challenges choosing the right colour for my skin and have ended up doing away with lipstick altogether.

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