Scandalous bright red lipstick and the most common myth connected to it

Image: © yuriyzhuravov / Fotolia

Bright red lipstick is vulgar and trivial. Sensual and beautiful, yes. Vulgar, no. when one such lipstick color is chosen in good taste there is no chance of it giving a vulgar impression. Don’t forget though that the red lipstick has to go with your style. It can look elegant and sexy only if it is properly combined with the rest of your makeup, your clothes and manicure.
You can wear red lipstick with pride, but only if you have the right shape of lips for it. They have to be full and symmetrical. Then red lipstick will complement them. If you have small lips, you should avoid bright-red lipsticks. Instead go for the matted tones and highlight with lip gloss.

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