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Sculpting your face

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Every person’s face is different. With the appropriate makeup any face can be molded into looking fabulous. Blush and face powder are the keys to creating the desired optical illusion.
Round face
The round face needs to look longer. For this purpose the cheeks need to be made to look smaller. In order to achieve this, apply darker powder to the cheekbones and towards the ears. Apply blush only to the inner part of the cheeks, directing the brushstrokes towards the corner of the mouth.
Square face
In this case blush is applied on the cheekbones in the form of a downward pointed triangle. Powder the outer corners of the face and jaw-line with a darker tone of face powder.
Oblong face
Use blush to visually expand the face sideways. Apply it close to the earlobe, stroking horizontally toward the cheekbone, until covering it completely.
Triangle face
Here we need to balance out the wide part of the face by making it look narrower with the help of makeup. Apply darker powder to the temples, outer part of the cheekbones and the tip of the chin. Use light blush on the inner part of the cheekbone.
Diamond face
Tone down with darker powder the large outer surface of the cheekbones. To soften facial features, apply blush in the form of a triangle and do not let eye-shadow exceed the boundary of the outer corner of the eye.
Trapezoid face
Powder the skin on the lower jaw-bone with a darker tone of powder. Apply blush to the cheekbones in the form of rectangles.
Protruding cheeks
Apply blush to the protruding part of the cheeks and lighter powder to the forehead, temples and the central part of the face. Use darker powder on the cheeks and under the cheekbones.
Wide cheekbones and narrow chin
Cover the lower part of the face with a lighter tone of powder. Use a darker tone for the upper part and the tip of the chin. Apply blush to the upper cheekbone in the form of a narrowing line.
Elongated chin
Apply a darker tone of face powder to the protruding part of the elongated chin.
Double chin
Cover the double chin with a darker tone of powder, while using a lighter tone for the outline and tip of the actual chin.

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