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Spring-summer makeup

Image: © Kasiutek / Fotolia

We live in times when makeup that a few years ago would be considered suitable only for the podium is now mundane. One example is the increasing popularity of fake eyelashes. And whenever lashes are natural, they are covered with mascara enough to give them a theatrical look. This spring, dark eyeliner, heavy mascara and a pale complexion are in style.
In style are also the bright lipstick colors which stand out even more contrasting with the pale face.
Makeup artists are often of the opinion that women striving to look natural by using only a minimal amount of cosmetics are lazy and do not wish to put the effort into creating a complete makeover. According to beauty specialists, only the younger part of the female population can look truly good without makeup. Most women need cosmetics in order to look their best, experts say. At the moment, the archaic rule of emphasizing either the eyes or the mouth is considered out of fashion, which is why stylists advise against neglecting either facial feature.
On the other hand, natural makeup looks good on every woman, but this new fashionable look can be pulled off successfully by a lucky few. Trying it, many ladies are at risk of looking comical rather than beautiful if heavy makeup is not their thing.
This season, bright colors are in style – bright lips, bright cheeks and bright eyes. Coming into fashion is also the orange lipstick which makes the lips look like orange peels. Bloody red can give you a spicy femme fatale look.

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