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Springtime makeup according to this year’s fashion world tendencies

Image: © Leonid & Anna / Fotolia

With the advent of spring, everything awakens for a new beginning. Now is the time for ladies to show how brave and daring they are.
Gentle smoky makeup
Loved by all women, smoky makeup has turned into a classic in no time. And as we all know, classics can vary but they never go out of style. The last few seasons were characterized by heavy full colors. This spring’s tendencies are also inclined toward a dramatic impression, but the colors are mild and gentle.
Invisible makeup
A fundamental effect for makeup this spring is the invisible makeup effect. Use decorative cosmetics only for covering up defects of the skin and highlighting your features (with pale or natural tones).
Frame the eyes
Black eyeliner holds a place of honor in this spring’s fashion world. The “black frame” is enough of a highlight and the rest of the makeup should be unnoticeable. An interesting new tendency is underlining only the lower eyelid.
Highlight he eyebrows
Full thick eyebrows create a youthful look. This spring, eyebrows in Brook Shields style are making a comeback.
Like a peach
Peach continues on its quest to displace pink as the preferred blush color and its success is probably due to the aim for a natural look. To avoid looking like a doll, apply sparingly just under the cheekbone and dab away with a tissue.
You can also use peach colors for lipstick.
Red lips
Several of the big names in the fashion world are creating a cult around seductive red lips. This spring it doesn’t really matter whether you go for the bright or the dull tones. As long as they are red, they are in style.
Purple lips
Also a popular spring tendency this year is lipstick in purple tones. It can make the lips look bold and cool, yet adventurous and candy-like.
New and bright
The complete opposite counterpart of the invisible makeup tendency is the neon tendency. That’s right – eyes, lips, cheeks, nails – everything can be painted in a daring neon color. Electric blue, lime green, green apple or magenta – any color that can be found in an ice-cream cone is fashionable.

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