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Style and Beauty from Angelina Jolie

Image: © veve8 / Fotolia

Angelina Jolie always looks stunningly stylish. One of the secrets to her beauty is her makeup. She is well aware that she is flawless and that her features are exquisite. Yet, despite all her perfection she does not neglect makeup, which adds to her glamour.
The actress’ trademark is the perfectly even tone of her face. You can get the same tan with crème powder or foundation with powder effect, which excellently matt the skin. It is best to use a product which is one tone lighter than the tone of your facial skin. This adds an element of aristocracy to your countenance.
The Hollywood star loves to emphasize her expressive green eyes, using the cat-eye technique. You can easily add dreaminess and mystique to your eyes by applying a barely visible coat of brown eye-shadow to the moveable part of your upper lid and along the edge of the lower lid. Accentuate the center of the lid with light beige.
Essential to the cat-eye effect is the black eyeliner with a slightly curved upward end.
Using a thin brush, you can also add some brown shadow to the eyebrows.
Every woman dreams of having sensual and passionate lips. You can accomplish the effect of Jolie lips by doing the following – tone and powder the lips, then cover them with a light beige or light pink lipstick and add a drop of pearly gloss to the middle to optically enlarge them.

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