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Stylish makeup for blue-eyed beauty

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Blue eyes can be irresistible with the help of the appropriate makeup
If anyone thinks that gray eyes are unexpressive and boring the professional stylists do not agree with that.
They love this color because it allows them to make various experiments in make-up and give the eyes sparkle and unique appeal.
Some of the secrets of how they achieved it are to shared below.
The make-up for gray eyes depends on the skin, hair colour and even clothing.

White or light pink pencil can add brightness and expression to the eyes.
This is necessary to outline the outer and inner corners of eyes.
The white colour make-up for gray eyes look refreshed and bright pink gives them a natural glow.
For daily makeup choose a lighter shades
Saturated colours, with a slight shine can be used for evening makeup. The colours are Silver, blue and dark brown.
Darker shades can highlight the upper and lower eyelids often by being placed near the eyelashes.
The pencil ccolour or eyeliner have to be choosen dependong on the shades colour.
The natural shades are suitable for mthe day makeup and black for the evening.
If you have blue eyes you can highlight them with the help of blue colour makeup with medium and light saturation.
You can use shiny shades along with blue pencil.
If you have green eyes you can use all type of green colour along with green pencil.
If you have a darker skin and grey hair the most suitable colour is brown – from light to chocolate coffee with a copper shine. The lattest is more suited for evening makeup.
You can beautifully combine Gray eyes with all shades of colour “metallic.” Many gray eyes seem appropriate in the evening make-up of saturated shades of chocolate and gold eyeliner.
The stylist love to create a gray eye using wine and purple colours.
They believe that these colours make gray-eyed look bright and interesting.
You can choose lighter colors for daily makeup and darker shades of plum and red wine for evenings.
Eyeliner for these shadows can be black, brown, blue plum, purple red.
Gray eyes look lovely with rainbow colours makeup for the evening.

Basic rules for application
The black eyeliner make the eyes smaller but more expressive.
You can choose your makeup depends on your eyes colour.
The best colours for your eyes are a few shades darker than your natural eye color.

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