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Summer – the season for experimenting

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Summer is the season in which there are no restrictions, so be brave and don’t hesitate to try something new. Do you have orange eye-shadows, violet mascara and raspberry lipstick? If you don’t, then it is likely you do not appreciate bright colors, because you think they don’t look good on you. Sorry to disappoint you, but there is not a woman in the world who does not look good in bright colors. You only need to determine which ones are best for you. Furthermore, it’s summer – the best time for experiments. Use our advice and your own intuition to have some makeup fun.
The predominant color should be in accordance with the color of your eyes. To it you can add some contrasting color. The combinations of blue and orange, blue and pink, pink and green, violet and milky-white, beige and green, etc. are very impressive.
To get used to your new look, start using unexpected colors gradually. Begin by applying a hint of brightness to the corner of your eye and gradually increase their presence until dominant. Another way to get used to wearing bright makeup is to supplement by wearing bright clothes.
Don’t go overboard in piling on makeup in an attempt to make it look brighter. It should be applied in a single, even layer. This rule goes for lipstick as well. It needs to be in a neutral tone – not to brilliant, yet not too dull. Mascara application should be governed by the minimalistic rule. It needs to go with the color of the eyes: purple for blue and green eyes, blue for grey and blue eyes and bordeaux for dark-brown eyes. Carefully cover every single lash in its entirety – from root to tip.
The bright colors of lipstick require a lot of skill in makeup. You can look good in raspberry color but horrible in dark-raspberry. The only way to find out is to do a great deal of experimenting. Do not forget the following rule: if accentuating the lips, use eye makeup in neutral tones. Brightly colored lipsticks and lip-glosses are appropriate for evening makeup, combined with elegant dark attire – black, dark-grey or brown. A colorful pattern of clothing will distract from your face.
The last bit of advice: choose professional cosmetics. They offer a wide variety of colors, are easy to apply, are just as easy to take down and remain at top quality for longer.

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  1. Totally agree with it, yesterday i read a lot about summer makeup, and everyone is talking about orange eye-shadows, violet mascara, and more. Lets try it out this summer!! Best regards from dicas de maquiagens.

  2. this is a nice blog i real like it. here is my request i am a black girl with a very soft skin, but my skin is scary, too dry….what home made shud i use to make atleast oily,

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