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Homemade facial masks with grapes

Image: © Subbotina Anna / Fotolia

If you want to have healthy and beautiful skin you need to care about it. Meal cleans the face well and removes not only oil and pollution, but also dead cells.

Pour 2 tablespoons cornmeal into a bowl, add distilled water, mix and apply on face for 15 minutes. Wash the face with hot water and apply olive oil or nourishing cream. This cleaning is good to be done every 3-4 weeks. (more…)

Nourish the skin with grapes

Image: © Elena Vdovina / Fotolia

Autumn is on our doorstep again. This season grapes are a favorite fruit to children and adults alike. Aside from enjoying its flavor, we can also use it to make ourselves beautiful. Very few people are using grapes to whip up a revitalizing homemade morning mask and it’s a shame because this is so easy.
All we need is two or three grapes. After your morning cleansing routine, take one grape, break its skin and rub face, neck and eyelids with the juice. The mask will be ready to take off by the time we are done with brewing coffee and making sandwiches for the kids – 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the mask off with cold water. Now your face has received its nourishing vitamin breakfast, which leaves the skin feeling revitalized, smoother and firmer.

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