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Make – up in winter

Image: © Svetlana Sayapina / Fotolia

Let see the last news for autumn-winter season in the make-up.
Bushy eyebrows are fashionable
Age of thin eyebrows ends and gives way to a new trend – bushy brow with natural forms.

Eye makeup
In this autumn-winter season fashion fans will need of skill, patience and quality cosmetics. (more…)

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How to achieve perfect makeup?

Image: © Pixel & Création / Fotolia

A good makeup applied correctly and with proper cosmetics, changes the vision of the woman and makes her unique.
In the text you will find tips on how to change the usual ways to make ourselves more beautiful.
The nice makeup makes a woman more attractive, giving a fresh youthful appearance.
It also creates a sense of confidence. (more…)

How to make sexy and juicy lips?

Image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

Men have always admired the female smile, seductive, beautiful and sexy lips always play a big role.
How to make them great?
If you would like to try something new this month try new lipstick, because lips can recreate all the passion of a woman.
How to choose the correct shade? Here are 5 tips from world-famous makeup artists working with celebrities (more…)

With incredible make – up in New Year 2012

MakeUp New Year

Image: © Subbotina Anna / Fotolia

Imperceptibly with each passing day we get closer to Christmas holidays. For them, every woman wants to be different and irresistible New Year’s make – up is as important as choosing the dress or shoes and accessories.
Slightly changing the everyday make – up, we can easily transform ourselves into a fairytale princess, a mysterious stranger, or a snow queen, because New Year’s Eve is a time of magic and miracles.
Trends in makeup for New Year 2012
Stylists of the most famous fashion brands have taken care of women, who love restrained and laconic makeup and offer them make – up in warm, golden tones. Also for a neutral image helps makeup in light pink tones, creating a sensual and loving image.
Fans of bright makeup can be very happy – fashionable for this New year celebration, becomes saturated in deep colors make – up.


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