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Oats – the best choice against wrinkles

Image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

At the appearance of a new wrinkle, women always feel anxiety and disappointment. Little do they know that oats are nature’s gift for prevention of wrinkles. Bellow you will find recipes for a couple of oat masks you can make at home. (more…)

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For amazing eyelashes

Image: © gornist / Fotolia

Lashes give the eyes expressiveness and sexy look. Castor oil is an excellent product for the care of eyelashes. It strengthens and growth of eyelashes, preventing their falling.

For the prevention of falls and breakage of the lashes is recommended castor oil is applied on them for an hour, three times a week.
When your lashes fall too frequently castor oil should be applied every morning and every night before going to bed without washing up in the morning.
For beautiful eyelashes castor oil also can be mixed with other oils and ingredients. (more…)

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