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Tender care for your face

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Having a beautiful and delicate facial skin is not impossible, it just requires persistent care.
What does it take?
It is proven that the fats in certain kinds of fish improve the hydro-balance of the skin and tighten it from the inside out. If for some reason you cannot eat fish then substitute with capsules of fish oil. Strive to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your menu, because they are a rich source of antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins. Dress your salads with olive oil, which is also aptly called “liquid gold” and “elixir of beauty”. Remove sweets and pastries from your diet altogether.
Beauty salad
Soak 2 tablespoons of oatmeal in warm water, until softened. Mix with 2 shredded apples and 1tablespoon of honey. Add walnuts and/or raisins.
Regular age-appropriate physical exercises improve circulation and normalize the work of all systems in the body.
Stress is the plague of the 21st century and a reason for many physical and psychological disturbances and illnesses. Stress and strong unpleasant emotional experiences take only a moment to make the skin grey and unhealthy. Today we have many new techniques for coping with stress, but we shouldn’t neglect the old-fashioned yoga, massage and relaxation. You need to find the technique or combination of techniques that works best for you in particular, so that your skin can forget the ravages of stress.
“Acid” care
Let’s talk about care from the outside in. Nowadays the most beneficial products for topical skin care are the ones containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), which help remove one of the reasons for unhealthy skin color – the dead cells.
Facial masks
Facial masks, whether homemade or professional, are a unique method of skin care, affecting the deepest layers of skin and providing them with the necessary nutrients. The best of the homemade masks are the recipes containing oats, because they visibly improve skin color.
Water procedures
Tap water dries the skin, removing its natural protective layer. To prevent this, use nourishing crèmes and lotions. You can also compromise the protective layer if you habitually scrub the skin with a sponge. This also facilitates irritation and different kinds of inflammation. The frequent use of scrub masks or lotions can have a similar abrasive effect on the skin. Do not use abrasives more than once or twice weekly.

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  1. Hey There Makeupjournal,
    I just stumbled across this and, When I got in the shower yesterday morning I looked down after washing my hair and I had a rash on my chest. When I got out of the who err it was on my face too. I started using this new shampoo like 3 days earlier. I went to work yesterday and the rash detecting worse on my face. I took my temp and I have a slight fever. I went to Urgent care from work and he said I had tonsillitis and my skin was reacting to it. My throat was very tender and I could tell by looking at my neck it was swollen too. So he gave me antibiotics and told me to take a Benedryl so I did. I woke up this morning and the rash on my chest and arms wasn’t as bad but really bad on my face. It was more red. More burning and there are little white heads everywhere. It doesn’t really itch just a lot of discomfort and a burning. What should I do? Can I put something on it to help the burning and swelling?
    Keep up the good work

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