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The importance of blush in decorative cosmetics and how to make it work for you

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Blush is a very important part of makeup. Without it your image looks incomplete. It can work wonders for your face, giving you a very sexy look, but it can also do harm if it is not used appropriately. The use of blush can easily lead to either of both extremes – a perfect, complete, harmonious look or a cheap trashy look. In order to fully appreciate its advantages and enjoy the result, you will have to invest a little time to get to know the dispenser of rosy cheeks.
The main purpose of blush is to add warmth to makeup by imitating a slight natural innocent flush, thus making the skin look healthy, bright and attractive. Women often unknowingly go overboard with blush, underlining their cheekbones too heavily, which defies the purpose. Don’t forget that you’re striving to look as close to natural as possible, which is why blush should not contrast or form distinct borders with the tone of your skin. Do not despair if you can’t seem to make your blush blend well, just remember that practice makes perfect.
Another problem with blush is choosing the right color. It is very important that you select the proper tone, because this can make the difference between a perfect and a cheap look. Colors which are too bright for your skin tone will stand out too much and will draw attention to your cheekbones and away from your other features. Keep in mind that in the theatre of makeup blush has only a supporting role. Its purpose is to enhance your other features, not steal their show.
Blush is different from other cosmetic products in that it is supposed to be applied in a certain way. Blush brushes come in many forms and the texture of the product itself can vary. Once you have chosen the best blush variety for you, the rest is an easy task.
You can choose between the following textures:
Liquid blush and gel are the hardest for application. They are not recommended if you have only just decided to start using blush. Besides, liquid blush can be too oily for some skin types. The gel variety dries out too fast and can make application even more difficult.
Another group is the cream and stick varieties of blush. The knack here is to apply them very lightly, because they are very concentrated and can create a heavy saturation of color. These textures are prone to abuse and with them it is harder not to form noticeable borders between blush and skin. When it comes to skin types, the cream blush is most appropriate for dry skin, while the stick variety is best for oily skin.
Powder blush is most widely used. It is easy for application and color control and it is appropriate for all skin types except dry skin.
The cosmetic market also offers a combination of powder and cream with the purpose of easing application.
Mineral blush is also good for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. It is a product of refined mineral ingredients. Because of its fine consistency mineral blush is fairly easy to use.
Women with light or pale skin should avoid bright colors of bush, while darker-skinned women should not use the lighter tones. The surest way to know which color is best for you is to consult a specialist.
While applying blush, use wide light brushstrokes. Practice at home until you perfect blush application. Perfection is your goal, so don’t take any chances.

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