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The irreplaceable brushes

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Every object of everyday use soon becomes unusable, unless it is tended with care. The instruments we utilize in makeup are no different. They need gentle care and a loving attitude if they are to go on serving us. It is essential that they are kept clean.
Brushes and applicators used for the application of dry cosmetics should be thoroughly cleaned once a month. The ones used for the application of greasy, oily or liquid cosmetics should be cleansed once every week. They should be whipped in a clean tissue after each use, yet even so, they quickly contaminate and become a breeding ground for bacteria.
Same goes for powder puffs or pads, which over time soak up oils from the skin.
The sponge or brush that is not regularly cleaned can become the cause for infections and skin inflammations. Also, touching the cosmetic product itself with an unclean surface hastens its deterioration.
Brushes should be carefully washed, taking care not to damage their form or remove hairs. Use a solution of warm water with a small amount of shampoo and thoroughly rinse with clear water. Dab with a towel, careful not to damage the form of the brush and let dry on a tissue or paper napkin.
Makeup experts use special brush cleaners. They dip the brush in the solution and dry it off with a paper towel. Brush cleaner evaporates much quicker than water, so the brush is ready for use almost immediately.

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