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The irreplaceable face powder

Image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

Some time ago face powder was not appreciated. It was thought to be harmful to the skin of the face. This was due to the fact that among its ingredients were rice powder and chalk which immensely dried the skin. Besides, a face treated with such powder acquired an overly matted look with grayish undertones.
In China for centuries girls have powdered their faces with rice flour. Some still think that “powder dries the skin”, “the powdered face looks unnatural”, “it clogs the pores” and so on, and so forth. These statements are no longer valid, for contemporary face powder can be very diverse in ingredients.
If you rub a little contemporary powder between your fingers, you will notice that it turns into a creamy substance, with a soft, silky feel. This is because of the special ingredients, thanks to which it clings to the face.
Contemporary powder not only helps you remove the oily shine and makes your make up more durable, but it also helps in facial care beyond decorative cosmetics. These are especially qualities of mineral powder.
With the help of dark or light powder you can model the shape of your face, accentuate your tan or simply give your face a fresh look. The most important thing is to coordinate your face powder with the color and shade of your foundation. Many powders have a special care function in the red and yellow undertones.
If your skin is dark, never use colorless face powder. It will give your skin a sickly grayish undertone.
Pearly face powder looks glamorous but only on very smooth skin and only for evening makeup. It is not appropriate for everyday use, no matter how great it is.
Never aim to create an artificial tan with darker powder. It looks extremely unnatural. Instead use tanning lotion or other self-tanning products.
The best way to apply powder to face is by using a brush or a puff. Sponges make for very uneven layers.

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