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The perfect makeup for the blond

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Very suitable for blonds are the soft shades and pastel colors, because they complement the light hair color. Dark tones create more contrast and give the eyes a more serious look. Blonds can use almost any nuance. Some of the most flattering ones are pink, golden, peach and champagne.
Blond ladies can easily use brown mascara, because black mascara contrasts with the hair color and creates a rougher look. The combination of ivory eye-shadows and brown eyeliner is also very flattering for blonds.
Your foundation should be with beige or light-yellow undertones. Use blush in pink or peach to achieve a look of gentle freshness.
Pink, peach and the lighter tones of beige are perfect for the lips of blonds. Keep red lipstick for special occasions.
What to avoid
You should avoid heavy makeup. The dark and heavy shades of makeup make the blond woman look tired.

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