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The perfect makeup for the office

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Makeup is a very important component of your office image and the impression you make on colleagues and clients. Besides professional competency, you also need to have a competent makeup, because it reflects your attitude toward your work and environment. Neglecting your appearance at the office can lead to a neglectful attitude toward your work. The elegant and maintained image supposes a serious attitude.
Below you will find our advice on creating the perfect office makeup.
When communicating with people, your face is the first thing they notice. This is why you can’t afford to look tired or un-groomed at the office. Talking about business, your face is your business card.
When choosing office makeup, you need to make sure that you are using quality products which will maintain the fresh look of your face throughout the whole day.
For a fresher look apply foundation a tone darker than your natural complexion to well cleansed skin. Apply concealer around the eyes to hide small imperfections, if you have any.
After this, apply blush to the cheekbones in pink or pale-pink toes, but be careful not to overdo it, for this will make your face look unnatural. If you have darker skin, use brown blush colors.
When choosing eye-shadows for the office, go for the light and warm nuances, such as pale-pink, brown or peach. Cold colors, such as green or blue are forbidden, because they communicate aloofness and distance.
The perfect office lips are in peach or pink colors, slightly glossed.
The key to the perfect office makeup is to look natural and fresh, yet charming and elegant.

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