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The right makeup for yellow attire

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If you have decided to wear yellow for a certain occasion or for no occasion at all, in order to complete your look, you will need the right makeup.
The basic rule while picking out your makeup is that all the colors you wear (in cosmetics or clothes) should be in harmony. This means that your eye-shadows must complement the rest of your makeup.
Another rule to be reckoned with is that the color of your makeup should also harmonize with the tone of your skin and hair.
Yellow does not look good on every woman. If you can pull it off and make it look fabulous, you should count yourself among the lucky few. Wearing a yellow dress, you should choose warm shades of makeup. Golden shades look beautiful with yellow and brown. Peaches are also suitable. If you have green or brown eyes, try highlighting the main makeup with some warm nuances of green. Dark-eyed ladies should stick to single-color makeup, but may experiment with golden and ever purple tones.
If your dress is pastel yellow, use bright eye-shadows to accentuate the eyes in pop-style. Colors like peach and coral will neatly accomplish that. If you are wearing a bright-yellow dress, go for the softer nuances like beige or pale-green. In this case smoky makeup is also recommended.

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