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The tools you will need in order to attain the perfect eyebrows and how to use them

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In order to get the best results in shaping your eyebrows you will need three basic tools – tweezers, brush and pencil.
Tweezers are used for removing those hairs which obviously lie outside the line of your eyebrows’ natural shape. You must begin the tweezing by pulling these hairs in the direction of their growth. The pulling motion should be quick and abrupt. Make sure you pull the hairs one at a time alternating eyebrows with each hair. Doing this you will not only eliminate the bothersome hairs, but you will also create a better balance between one eyebrow and the other. If you have a problem with tweezing, get help from a professional. Going to a beauty salon once and seeing how it’s properly done is worth the investment.
Tip: Try outlining your eyebrows with a white pencil, creating a guideline for you to follow. Do not pass this guideline. Use white pencil eyeliner and natural lighting, no magnifying mirror. It will be less painful if you tweeze right after a shower or bath.
Eyebrow brush
The eyebrow brush is used to shape out the hairs that remain after tweezing. You should always stroke up or down when brushing your eyebrows, to give them a new “direction”. Use a little bit of Vaseline or hairspray to subdue unruly eyebrows. Do not apply to eyebrows directly, but to your finger, spreading it in the direction you wish them to take.
Eyebrow pencil
The eyebrow pencil is used for filling out the empty spaces in your eyebrows, if any. To fill them up use a thin loose stroke, so that they will still look natural. Apply pencil starting at the lower part of the brow and stroking upwards and out. Brush again for a final touch-up. If your eyebrow hairs are thin and small, eye-shadows will work better for you than pencils.

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