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Tips – how to apply make up properly

Image: © VIKTORIIA KULISH / Fotolia

Proper application of eye shadow is very important for your makeup.
This spring the king of the evening trends is smoky eye,whose creation is simply impossible without shadows.And to learne how to do it we have to learn a few simple rules.
Let talk about the rules for selecting the shadows and use them to make irresistible to any evening event.

How to decorate eyes
If you want to change your appearance beyond recognition without using radical methods it will be of a help if you use the most common decorative shades.
Proper use can create your brand new image.Because in most cases eye makeup depends on the overall style of make-up
Shadows are necessary to increase the viewing eye and make the eyes more expressive – mysterious or open, and with it to emphasize the uniqueness of eye color.
But not all women use shadows in their daily make-up, perhaps because their application is a necessary skill and talent and a little time to learn.
However, there are a few tips on how to Makeup eye shadow that will help us to make this process more interesting and entertaining.

How to determine the form of shadows
If you just starting enrering into the art of make up the most appropriate is to use matte shadows
You can do both day and evening makeup with their help. You do not like to use a pencil or eyeliner?Then bet on powdered eye shadow that easily replace them, sipmly just have to pass a slightly thicker line.

Light day makeup

Matt shadows with natural tones, such as pearl, beige, gray-brown, ivory are suitable For daily makeup
Usually these shadows are light enough so it does not need strong resolution.
The brown and black eyes are emphasize with the help of brown tones.

Something for the shades
It is known that nuances are speakless.
You can use straightforward version with brown or black shades, they fit anything, although now in fashion are charcoal, gray, and bright turquoise, emerald and aquamarine.
Dark green shades can be combined with any skin colour.
If you have elongated eyes, then use shades with metal shade, they visually enhance and reveal eyes.

Image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

Before you buy shades
Make sure that the shadows match skin colour before you buy.
There are always those shades that you will not be for you
For example, women with swarthy skin is not recommended to use light colors shades because that will not look natural on the dark skin.

Do not beleive on adverts
When buying a shadow is essential to listen only to your intuition.
Remember that bright colors increase the visual and open up the eyes, dark and do the opposite, shrinking them.

Proper application
To get the desired effect requires proper application of the shadows. For example, if you want to look like a woman-vamp, apply a dark shadow from the center toward the outer corner of eye.

At the begining is good enough to have two-three different colours which surely you will not use at the same time.

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