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To erase wrinkles around the eyes

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The area around the eyes is too delicate. There aren’t too many differences between it structure and the structure of the body, but under the skin around the eyes there aren’t muscles and subcutaneous fat and that’s why this zone is prone to stretching.
The first wrinkles appear exactly around the eyes. Even there aren’t any wrinkles don’t neglect this zone and take care of it.
It’s better to look after it earlier. Because of lack of subcutaneous fat the skin around the eyes loses its elasticity and dries easily.
When you are awake, the eyelid skin is constantly moving and if it isn’t moisturized and nourished enough the first wrinkles will appear soon in this area.
How to erase these wrinkles?
Apply light cream around the eyes, if you are under 30. Special natural oils, sold in every pharmacy, will replace the creams.
Avoid creams with lanolin because the skin around the wrinkles sometimes reddens and swells. After your 30th birthday focus on quality cosmetics.
You can smooth the wrinkles with a banana mask. Mash a quarter of banana with a melted butter. Apply under the eyes with a gentle pat. After 20 minutes wash with warm water.
Another remedy for wrinkles is to pour with a cup of cold water a spoon of linseed. Boil this while the mixture became a thick mixture. Filter this and apply around the eyes. Wash the mask after 25 minutes.
It’s useful for skin to put glair on it. Put a layer on the skin and after it dry put another one. Wash with lukewarm water after 15 minutes.

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