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Tricks that you can use to make your lips look fuller and more seductive

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Every woman wants her lips to be sexy and full. Nowadays, genetics is not the only way to have them. You can use cosmetics to help you achieve the same effect.
Gently massage your lips with a clean toothbrush. This will exfoliate them and stimulate blood circulation, which will add color to your lips and make them look thicker.
Make sure you hydrate your lips well before applying lipstick.
Use lip liner to trace the contour of your lips. Let it be a tone darker than the natural color of your lips. This way it will accentuate on their curves. Apply liner to the outer part of the brim of the lip, but avoid too much outlining. Your goal is to discretely create volume without getting an unnatural look.
Accent on the M. This is the topmost part of the upper lip, which in most people forms the letter M. Apply more lipstick to this part to create volume, but be careful not to overdo it. There is a thin line between a full-lips effect and a cheap effect, so take care that you do not cross it.
Use colors which are known for creating an illusion of depth. Deeper, darker colors do not reflect light as much as the lighter ones and optically enlarge the lips. If you want your lips to look puffy, use softer, natural tones which harmonize well with your complexion. The natural tones bring out the natural features and highlight them.
Apply just a little bit of gloss. You would want to avoid a sticky look, as well as too much reflection of the light.
For puffier, shiny lips apply clear gloss to the middle of each lip. This trick is mostly suitable for evening makeup.
You can use special products (usually based on hyaluronic acid) designed to create volume. Apply them before adding lipstick.

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