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Turning Cinderella into a princess

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Besides clothing, makeup plays a very important role in making you look perfect when you are going out to a restaurant or a night club. Even non-professional makeup can transform you, if it is skillfully done.
You may think it strange, but the best way to begin your makeup is with a relaxing bath or shower, to wash away the traces of fatigue from the long workday which are most visible on the face. So if you have 20 minutes to spare use them in relaxation. A bath with pine extract or essential oils can work wonders in removing traces of fatigue and there is hardly anything more refreshing than a shower alternating hot and cool water (which must end with cool water). After you dry up, you can treat your skin with your favorite aromatherapy oil.
If you do not have the time or inclination for bathing and showering, you can still relax using extra-quick nourishing masks. The mask will refresh your face and make it more youthful. Don’t forget that one of the rules for properly working with facial masks is that while the mask is on your face, you have to relax, even if it is only for a few minutes. Lie down and think pleasant thoughts. This will make the mask more effective.
The facial is an almost miraculous procedure which also soothes the muscles responsible for expressions. At home you can use a variety of nourishing masks, either store-bought products of the cosmetic industry, or homemade using only natural products. Spread the mask on face and neck area, lie down and listen to some relaxing music. In 10 minutes you can wash the mask away, together with the fatigue and grievances of the day.
Now you can begin your makeup. In order to create an exquisite makeup that compliments you, you have to abide by a few simple rules.
When you are applying makeup, the lighting has to fall on your face, not the mirror. Make sure you can see your whole face in the mirror, not just a part of it.
Evening makeup is heavier than day makeup. Begin with the application of foundation products. In order to help foundation blend more evenly to your face, treat the skin with day cream before you apply it. Also, when using foundation, take into consideration your complexion and skin type. Foundation products help hide small blemishes and defects, such as spots or dark circles under the eyes.
According to the latest fashion, you can use sparkling particles with your foundation product, to make the face sparkle or to give it a pearly glow. When choosing foundation, make sure it is the same color as your skin. Only then will you look natural and avoid a sharp transition line. Begin application around the eyes, patting with your fingers. For a thinner layer use a brush. Dab any excess foundation away with a sponge. Do not use too much, for this will make you look and feel as if you are wearing a mask.
If you have circles under your eyes, use extra pigmentation concealer. Apply it under your eyes with a flat brush and afterwards rub it in gently with your fingertips until the difference in color has blended. Powder the face with an even layer of face powder.
Next step is tanning the neck. If foundation is the same color as the skin on your jaw line, simply rub it on downwards and powder. It is better to use powder foundation on the neck instead of cream, because it is less likely to cake. Apply light blush to cheekbone to give the face a fresh and healthy look. Blush also helps correct defects – just use a darker tone over whatever it is you are trying to hide.
Dark eye shadows are the most suitable for evening makeup. They give you a deeper, sexier and more mysterious look. First apply eyeliner and then add darker shadows to the lower part of the upper lid and lighter ones below the eyebrows.
When choosing the color of your evening eye shadows, you have to coordinate it with the color of your eyes, as well as the color of your outfit. Two or three layers of black mascara will make your eyes more expressive and deep.
Before applying lipstick, trace the lips with lip-liner of a similar color and not a contrasting one. In creating evening makeup, it is ok to visually enlarge the lips by tracing their outer line, but don’t overdo it. Add a touch of shine and you’re done.

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