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What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About Your Makeup ?

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If you are a fire sign

Foundation: gold-peach colour
Fix it with powder in the same nuance.
Eyeshadows: put light grey colour (could be pearl sheen/shimmer eyeshadows) on your eyelids.
Put several layers of black mascara on your eyelashes.
Lipstick: from light coral nuances to scarlet, combined with light brown rouge.

If you are an earth sign

Foundation: in beige-gold colour or with light suntan effect colour.
On your nose and chin apply slightly lighter nuances than those for the base.
Eyeshadows: gold and bronze nuances will really suit you and you could also use them as a fine eyeliner.
Lipstick: just use sheer gloss for your lips.

If you are a water sign

Foundation:it should be in soft, light beige nuances.
It would be better to use fluid rather than mousse foundation.
Eyeshadows: put ivory or light blue on your eyelids and then with a brush apply some violet, bringing it out towards your temples.
You could also use some violet to outline your lower eyelids.
Lipstick:in cold pink nuances.

If you are an air sign

Foundation: in light pink in order to enhance the natural youthful and soft look of your skin.
Eyeshadows: put cappuccino colour eyeshadows on your upper eyelids and light grey in their creases. Outline the outer corners of your eyes with a black pencil.
Lipstick:pink hues are recommended for your lipstick and the same goes for the rouge.

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