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What we can learn from 60s and 70s makeup

Image: © T.Tulic / Fotolia

What do we know about the distant 60s and 70s? The style of contemporary women is famous for its glamour and eccentricity. When we talk about 60s fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is the makeup, short skirts and short straight hair.
This is also the time when youth fashion first encountered dyed hair and large sunglasses. Girls everywhere were wearing colorful miniskirts and high-heel boots. The 70s era continued the changing dynamics in fashion.
Makeup 60s style
The basic principle of the 60s makeup is accentuating on one specific area of the face. This could be the eyes, lips, cheeks or eyebrows. The most fashionable women of these times accentuated on their eyes, trying to accomplish an innocent and spontaneous look.
We can accomplish the same results. To give the skin a fresh look, we should use foundation and powder. Makeup should match the tone of complexion. Meanwhile everything needs to look as natural as possible. Use eye-shadows to make the eyes bigger and brighter. It is preferable for the basic tone to be a light one. You can also use eye-shadows with a pearly glow. You can apply darker shadows to the lid for a deeper look. When the eyelids are ready, it is time for mascara. It should be applied in several layers to make the eyes more expressive.  Lips should not be bright, but rather light-toned. The right selection of gloss can make your lips feminine and attractive.
Makeup 70s style
Makeup in the 70s is hippy style. It is characterized by romanticism and maximal approximation to natural tones. As in the 60s, the emphasis is on the eyes. They should be bright. There are two options for lip makeup. They could either be natural, or the opposite – too bright. Do not be afraid to experiment and manifest your individuality in your makeup.

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