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When you wish to stand out

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Makeup is an important part of any woman’s image. It can be light and discrete, or it can turn you into the centre of attention. It can make you look so bright and confidant that everything would revolve around you. Now is the time to be brave and charming, to try something new and show your most daring side.
You are wondering where to start?
If you are not normally wearing any makeup, start with green. It is a great color – bright but not flamboyant, interesting but not aggressive. Besides, green goes with every skin tone and eye color. All you need to do is choose the right nuance for you. Even in its bright nuances green is exquisite.
If you have chosen the green look, apply dark green mascara only to the upper lashes. If you feel more adventurous, add a brave dash of lime-green eye-shadow to the inner corner of the eye and finish off with black mascara.
In love with smoky makeup?
Try blue and purple. This is a great choice for evening makeup. The important trick here is to distinguish between the 80s look and your contemporary adventurous look by adding a pale pink or white line under your eyebrows. Apply sky-blue shadow to the fold of the eyelid and below the lower eyelashes. This color gathers and reflects the light. Apply cobalt blue shadows to the eyelids and the outer corner of the lashes. Finish off with mascara.
Magenta means forgetting the neutral tones
To do a good job with this color you have to start at the beginning – a perfect foundation. Finish off the improvements on your complexion with bronze powder and a bit of light pink blush on the cheekbones. Forget about eye-shadows. Instead use fake eyelashes or extra volume mascara and leave the magenta color for the lips. Use a matted lipstick and finish off with a shining gloss.
Orange is the color of fun
Tangerine eye-shadows with a hint of bronze or golden glow are the perfect choice for summer vacation. Simply add mascara.
Another interesting option is to use orange to accentuate on the lips. This color of lipstick makes the teeth look whiter.
If you are going to use orange in your makeup, choose between eye-shadows and lipstick. It is not recommended that you accentuate both, since this is a color that can easily turn you into a clown.

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