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With using small and simple tricks, your makeup can be awesome.

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1. Bright red lipstick makes your teeth look whiter. Dark and intense color of lip gives a nice contrast with the color of your teeth.

2. Light almost invisible eye shadows in inner corner of the eye will make you look more refreshed, awake and bright.

3. If you have wide nostrils, which you do not like, there is a trick that you can use. Apply carefully bronzer on the two sides of the nose. This will achieve the desired appearance of the area around your nose.

4. For great eyebrows you can try the following trick. Apply a very light layer of white pencil just below the eyebrows. You eyebrows will look great.

5. If your day is very busy and do not have time to look in the mirror to refresh your makeup, you may try these methods. Instead of black mascara, use brown. If you’re not a fan of brown, try the following trick: apply brown mascara at the base and black at the ends of the lashes. Your eyes will be “dramatic” thanks to that little trick.

6. If you don’t like the brown color, you may use dark grey. This color is more glamorous than black and brown and gives the eyes uniqueness.


7. You will make your lips even more dense and juicy, if you put a gloss just in the center of the lower lip.

8. You can make your cheekbones more elongated and expressive, if you put a little bronzer in them, starting from the end of the ear and stop in the middle of the cheeks.

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