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Zodiac makeup: Looking beautiful in accordance with your zodiac sign

Image: © Nick Freund / Fotolia

Most flattering color: Red
Why: Because it is a color of passion, strength and courage. Wear it in order to give you that extra oomph when starting on a new endeavor.
How to wear it: Apply red eye-shadows over a neutral or gray color to dull them a little bit.
Most flattering color: Green
Why: It renews the spirit. Wearing this color, you are healing your body while attracting prosperity.
How to wear it: Partner it with black in a smoky makeup.
Most flattering color: Yellow
Why: This color is full of light and is uplifting to the spirit. In wearing it, you are improving your memory and communication skills.
How to wear it: Bright yellow looks beautiful when applied to the inner corners of the eyelid. Continue toward the outer corners with black.
Most flattering color: Pink
Why: The color of love, pink helps with emotional healing and aids in accepting change.
How to wear it: Always wear it with a little bit of white.
Most flattering color: Orange
Why: It communicates power and magnificence. It also increases happiness and optimism.
How to wear it: Apply as top eyeliner – a thin line of orange along the line of the upper eyelashes.
Most flattering color: Royal blue
Why: This color shows beauty, purity and wisdom. It also relieves tension and gives patience.
How to wear it: It is perfect for eye-liner color, but can also be worn in the form of blue mascara or smoky blue eye-shadow.
Most flattering color: Light blue
Why: It is a color of love, beauty and balance, which makes you strong and determined.
How to wear it: Apply it together with white and silver eye-shadows in order to look like an ice princess.
Most flattering color: Burgundy
Why: This is a color of depth, strength and love. It increases perception and firmness.
How to wear it: Above an eye framed in black.
Most flattering color: Blue-green
Why: This color gives wisdom and optimism. Wear it while traveling and it will make you more tolerant towards other people’s points of view.
How to wear it: Create a smoky effect with blue-green and a mild brown color.
Most flattering color: Earthen brown
Why: This logical color is very resolute. It makes you look stable, practical and responsible.
How to wear it: Brown is neutral. Wear it only during the day. In the evenings add gold.
Most flattering color: Purple
Why: This color makes you nice and understanding. It enhances friendships.
How to wear it: Try a sexy purple smoky effect.
Most flattering color: Sea-green
Why: Sea-green gives trust and clarity. It also increases faith.
How to wear it: Use it with a neutral tone and eyeliner.

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